Thursday, October 10, 2013

Worse and Worse

The collapse of government in Washington goes well beyond the shutdown of executive agencies. The collapse is so widespread that it is hard to keep up, but immigrants once again are among the victims of the nationalist movement that seems to be calling the shots. Republican leaders of the House have said repeatedly that they will not bring up any bill that provides a path to citizenship for the undocumented (because citizens vote). The dehumanization and removal of hundreds of thousands of Americans without papers will continue. Eight members of the House are reduced to joining in a protest and allowing themselves to be arrested as Huff Post tells us:
Activists and pro-reform members of Congress said the rally and civil disobedience were meant to show House Republicans that the pressure for an immigration bill will not cease. Gutierrez told advocates at the rally of thousands on the National Mall that they must "turn up the volume even more." "Since the election last November, the United States has deported another 400,000 people," he said. "We know the enormous toll it takes on our families, our neighborhoods and our peace of mind. Our communities and our families do not have the luxury to rest or relax. One thousand, one hundred people will be deported today; 1,100 people will be deported tomorrow, and the next day."
No response from the Republican leadership has been reported. and none is expected. They are practicing their own form of civil disobedience.