Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shutting Down Immigration Reform

The President and the Senate have among themselves negotiated a bill that promises "comprehensive immigration reform" -- "CIR" is the buzzword and the President announced today that getting a bill through the House would be a top priority now that the government shutdown has ended. But there is not much sign that is likely to happen--John Boehner has been echoing the Rightwing Nationalist cry that there must be no path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The House instead has taken up several bills that will exacerbate the human rights crisis created by an out-of-control deportation program. Even the Senate bill calls for increased "internal enforcement"-- Newspeak for the program of deporting hundreds of thousands of persons already settled in the United States -- by broadening the categories of Green Card holders and naturalized citizens who can be stripped of their rights and summarily deported, and authorizing the outrageous and punitive state laws that were struck down by the Supreme Court a little while ago in Arizona v. United States. The Democracts are again negotiating with themselves, giving up federal immigration policy to the governor of Arizona, in exchange for an empty promise of a "path to citizenship" which has already been rejected by House Republicans. The next shutdown will be a shutdown of immigration reform.