Friday, October 4, 2013

New eBook Edition of Honorable Justice

Nicely coinciding with the opening of the October 2014 term of the Supreme Court Plunkett Lake Press has announced publication of a new eBook edition of my book Honorable Justice: The Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes. This is the fourth edition of the book, which was first published in hardcover by Little, Brown and Company. The book has received several awards, and reviews of the print edition were gratifyingly positive. The New York Times Sunday Book Review, for instance, in a full-page notice said
One opens his book with high hopes, and as chapter follows masterly chapter the hopes mature into admiration of author and awe of subject.
Judge Richard Posner praised it in the Wall Street Journal, and The New Yorker called it "an ideal biography for the intelligent general reader."

I have added a new preface for this edition, addressing among other things the importance of Holmes's opinions as a counterweight to the radical new readings of the Constitution that a shifting majority of the Supreme Court threaten us with in the term just beginning.